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Salees Grilled BBQ Chicken Slice

Commonly known as ‘Bakkwa’ by the Chinese Hokkiens, our Salees Grilled BBQ Chicken Slice is a grill-dried meat slice which is sweet and with a tinge of smoky flavor, a favorite savory served and enjoyed by the Chinese as snack particularly during the Lunar New Year. It can be used as condiment with fried rice, pizza topping, sandwich filling or just simply eat this delicious delicacy on its own at any time. While pork is widely used by the Chinese, we have chosen to use Halal-certified chicken and beef in place of pork and we still get that splendid flavor and this delicious delicacy can now be enjoyed by everyone, including Muslims. Our Salees Grilled BBQ Chicken is certified Halal.

Salees Instant Rice (Low Carbohydrate, Suitable for Diabetics)

A staple food among Asians, rice consumption is a must every day as a source of carbohydrate. We at Global Tradelink have come out with a solution to make this staple food much quicker and tastier to consume by coming out with our range of instant rice to suit the taste buds of every type. So quick that you can have your favorite mix of rice in as short as 3 minutes. Even better, we maintain their home-cooked taste and texture so you will never miss out on its originality despite being an instant delicacy

  • Salees Instant Nasi Lemak (Coconut Milk Rice)

Rice cooked with coconut milk, pandan leaves and with a sprinkle of salt and garnished with fried anchovies. Mix it with sambal paste and this delicacy would taste marvelous. Indigenous nasi lemak usually would also include fried eggs and roasted groundnuts. Despite being in its instant form, it tastes just like the real thing and our Salees Instant Nasi Lemak is an instant hit.

  • Salees Instant Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)

Stir-fried rice comes in various varieties and tastes depending on ethnicity. Regardless, it is an all-time favorite among Asians who are eager to have a quick meal of rice with vegetables and meat mix together with rice and stir-fry. Now, Global Tradelink brings this favorite Asian cuisine into an instant form and have it ready to pamper your taste bud in record time. Our Salees Instant Nasi Goreng derives from the Malay derivative of the fried rice which is slightly spicy but aromatic