About Us

The Halal Food Industry Overview

The concept of halal refers to the manner of producing goods and services in the manner approved by Islamic Shariah laws and practices. This involves not only food and beverage preparation and products but also pharmaceutical products and financial practices, among others. The halal food industry, in particular is thus crucial for Muslims all over the world as it ensures that the food and beverage items they consume daily are syariah-compliant (halal toyyiban)

The market demand for halal food and beverages is increasing, especially in the Islamic world where Muslims demand for safe, high quality and halal-certified food and beverages by such accredited authorities like Malaysia’s Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (JAKIM), a world leader in halal certification which certification for halal food and beverages, cosmetics and toiletries are recognized by the Muslim world due to its stringent requirements which comply with the Shariah requirements. Products and food certified halal by JAKIM are well-received in the Muslim world. Global Tradelink prides itself for being a leader among the active producers and distributors of JAKIM’s halal-certified food products where we distribute our products locally and globally

Global Tradelink,as A Halal Food and Beverage Producer, Distributor and Importer/Exporter

Global Tradelink (M) Sdn Bhd is established to provide only Halal food and beverage specializes in ‘Ready to Eat’ Malaysian favorite dishes to fulfill the needs of busy Malaysians and to give the global consumers the great taste of Malaysian cuisines which are affordable, simple and quick to prepare within minutes under our brand name “SALEES”

All our production facilities are Halal-certified by JAKIM, the only recognized Halal certification authority by the Malaysian government. Our instant food products and all their ingredients used are of the highest quality and manufactured in high-technology environment. In ensuring food safety and hygiene is maintained at the highest acceptable standard, periodic inspections and laboratory tests are conducted on food samples taken from our production line.

Salees Business Partner Program

Global Tradelink also embarks on the Salees Business Partner Program with our strategic business partners. Our business partners operate at stalls and food courts selling our Salees range of fast food products and snacks. They are located at strategic locations for so that more people can enjoy a quick but sumptuous meals, especially catering for those who are leading a fast-paced life and wish a quick bite or take-away at a very reasonable price. Our business partners are selling ‘made-to-order’ sandwich buns, keropok lekor (a popular Malay snack) and BBQ grilled beef/chicken slices, among others. The objective of this program is two-fold; to give our customers an opportunity to have a quick meal within minutes and to pamper their taste buds with our sumptuous BBQ Grilled Beef/Chicken Buns

At Global Tradelink, we position ourselves in the forefront as Halal food:

  • Producer
  • Wholesaling
  • Distribution
  • Exporter / Importer
  • Trading house